CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Sun catchers capture smiles, too

Published 12:08 am Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Mom was legendary for her crafting.

Who else goes to yard sales ASKING for broken jewelry?

She made a brooch bouquet for my daughter’s wedding and was decades ahead of myriad artsy trends. I found a cache of her broken jewels and errant beads and corralled them into a suncatcher project.

I made suncatchers for her friends and family and I love how they’ve sent photos of them gleaming in their own spaces.

Take a look around your stash and get crafty.

Going Natural – Are you a little OCD about grocery shopping — from the way items go into your cart, to bagging to getting them from the car to the kitchen?

A Lotus Trolley Bag could make you the envy of the market.

First, be proud for supporting The Earth. That’s actually a note inside a box of Lotus Sustainable reusable mesh produce bags are a pleasure to touch and use. has a look on something even more committed. These bags with extended handles cradle inside your shopping cart for serious organization.

Pockets for egg cartons, keeping your cold items separate?

Looking super cute at the store?

Saving some of the 1,500 plastic bags a typical family is estimated to use each year?

You know you want to. I’ve just seen the trolley bags, but I can tell you, the produce bags are a hit.

Roll’eat – It’s a little Marie Kondo and a lot stylish.

Roll’eat’s Snack’n’Go duo could be a sandwich and crackers or a wrap and fruit. It’s a two-area soft sack with two pockets, lining and closures to keep you from using so many plastic bags.

The reusable pouch is more approachable than others I have tried. It’s easy to clean and puts me in mind of Japanese fabric wrappings. We’re all doing our part to help the Earth and we can do a lot in one lunch time. Their site, has details in case you need convincing. I, however, need a snack.

A Cold Move – Step your way to iced tea heaven – a mainstay of southern living – with Adagio’s cold-brew tea pitcher.

The super-cool stainless steel infuser lets you steep overnight. It’s slim and sassy in your fridge door. In the morning, I fill two travel mugs with ice and Adagio’s winning teas, such as Ceylon Sonata Iced Tea. I’m good to in the car and still sippin’ at lunch.

Sometimes we just need a lil’ something pretty to remind us to stay hydrated in the Texas heat. has just come into my life with teas and tea accessories that have made me appreciate a classic, yet ever-evolving beverage.

Hot Out There – I’m just taking in how much of my life I’ve lived dehydrated. The signs were there. I was hot and cranky. Water helps, but Hydralyte is sold in powder and tablets said to rehydrate faster than water. Orange, strawberry lemonade and lemonade are varieties with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Young people can also benefit from these mixes that taste good to me. All those years I spent as a kid in the back seat with grandma on family trips could have been so much more comfortable with the goods from

NECTR – Order a cactus cooler from and your not getting a sassy drink. You’re getting a stand-out, wholly gripping thick drink holder that will keep that sassy drink cold and stylish. You know those tall slim cans that hold coffee, sparkling water and stronger things? This ridge food-grade silicone holder is for all of that. Pick from other colors, but the cactus cooler green reminds me of Arizona’s iconic suarage cactus and you just want to “grab hold” and make some cold memories.

Travel with Spices – I mentioned Alco Eats Funny Nuts. Let’s talk about their spices. “If you have a kitchen, you are a chef.” Easy as that. Easy Indie Bowl spices for spicy chicken and butter chicken and their Achari Chicken Masala spices transport me as soon as I open the bottles. I’ve had them on everything from popcorn and eggs to grits and can assure you they go great with actual chicken/lentil dishes. Visit to spice up for a mini international vacation.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas area foodie letting her little light shine. Reach her at