ASK A COP — What’s the difference: No stopping, no parking and no standing?

Published 12:32 am Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Olivia from Rose City asks: What’s the difference between signs that state no stopping, no parking and no standing? Thanks in advance for your assistance. I’ll be waiting eagerly for your response sir.

Answer: No stopping should be the most understood command among the signs. It restricts the stopping of a vehicle (period) unless a hazard is present or a police officer directs a motorist to STOP. As for no parking and no standing, the difference depends to whether or not you’re loading or unloading people or products. If you stop for a passenger to get in or out, that’s STANDING. If you stop to load or unload product, that’s PARKING.

Jeff from Port Arthur asks: I am a changed man behind the wheel of a vehicle. Thanks once again to you and the Port Arthur Police Department for providing such a valuable source of information to the community. My question is about handicap parking spaces. If a sign is posted “van accessible,” does that mean only a van can park there? Is anyone with a handicap placard allowed to park in “van accessible” spots?

Answer: The van accessible spot is available for anyone who has a valid placard or disabled plate on their vehicle. I have encountered many motorists who thought only a van was allowed to park in the disabled “van accessible” space. A reminder to all who have a placard, make sure you hang it on the rear view mirror or someplace it is easily seen. Do NOT drive with the placard hanging from the rear view mirror!

Cassie from Nederland asks: I have great neighbors, but they always seem to have a lot of company at their house, which makes exiting my driveway difficult. Is it illegal to park a vehicle directly across the street from my driveway? If I hit the vehicle, who is at fault?

Answer: The road that’s located on the end of your driveway will be the city of Nederland’s property and it doesn’t belong to you. You can NOT stop someone from parking on the street unless they’re illegally parked. Parking on the opposite side of the road even with your driveway is NOT illegal parking. Even if someone leaves a car in front of your house and walks away, if the vehicle is legally parked and you call the police, they won’t be able to move the vehicle. We understand no one cares for a strange vehicle parked in front of their home, but you must remember the street belongs to the city and not you. You are welcome to report to your police department an unfamiliar vehicle in front of your house, but if the vehicle checks out OK, nothing further will be done. If you happen to hit a parked vehicle while you are backing out of your driveway, chances are YOU will be cited for unsafe backing.

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