CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Walking Salads perfect for summer fitness plan

Published 12:28 am Monday, June 6, 2022

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Sitting in a fast food line for a quick gulp is not my idea of a lunch break.

When I can, I enjoy what I call a walking salad. That means I can get some steps in while enjoying some healthy bites. I breathe in nature, not fumes in the drive-through.

Tips for the walking salad container:

  • Walnuts — Toasting enough for the week ahead offers enhanced flavor boost.
  • Sliced apple — I cut and slice halves and put them exposed-side down in my container. I’ve never had an issue with browning.
  • Cubed cheese
  • Sliced cumber/tomato/carrot
  • Cottage cheese – in the corner can act as a dressing/dip
  • Hummus

Create your walking-salad route and “go to town” with it.

Father’s Day is coming up.

The husband/Dad I know has enjoyed these goodies:

Meat for Dad – Father’s Day is coming, but Meatcrafters will up the charcuterie game for everyone. A chorizo I unwrapped from this company was the best, chewy, flavorful experience I’ve ever had with this variety. And the black pepper bacon…. It is “EpiCuring.”

Visit for thoughtfully curated selections that will blow your mind. They include a rosemary lamb sausage as an example of things we just don’t see down here in Southeast Texas. While we have duck hunters here, I’ve never seen duck breast prosciutto, either. Hey dads, you’re welcome.

Elda’s Kitchen – The Nonni of this Italian family inspired a range of sauces from hot wing and burger to Spyke sauce. Little bottles of flavor are made in natural ways for your best health and ease. A wooden spoon is a big part of this family’s memories, but the memories of a ’50s style kitchen and what looks to be a yellow Pyrex nesting bowl like I used this week really got me cooking.

Go to their site for weekly recipes. On my first tries, I improved meals by simply twisting the top open and pouring it on. With no chicken in the house, I sauced up a pan of onions with hot wing sauce and I was flying high. Thank you, Nonni.

Sans Gluten – It’s still a pound cake even though the gluten isn’t weighing in. I made XO Baking Co.’s pound cake for an event, and decided to take off a crispy end first just to “try” it. I nearly could not stop “trimming” the warm, gourmet delight. For foodies who need to avoid gluten products, try their pancakes, zucchini bread and more.

This line is not for “making do” without your fave mix, it’s about creating some really good alternatives that won’t leave you wanting. Unless of course, you want for another slice of pound cake. When I brought this cake to a gathering at what a friend calls her “Mermaid Lounge,” a gluten-free guest request I make another when it’s her birthday. Visit

The Goods on Grits – Nouveau Stone Ground Grits has a Georgia history with a grandma and a seafood and grits combo with cognac that I now have to have. But you can get Nouveau grits in bags to enjoy in the “serenity of your own home.”

In a half hour I cooked up the entire bag of original stone ground grits and will be enjoying it for days. With this quality package, it’s a breakfast, lunch and dinner delight.

Ebony Austin’s story is a good one and you’ll want to be part of keeping everything found at the Nouveau Bar site successful. OK, I typically try the original flavor first, but let me tell you, Noveau comes in Garlic & Herb and Jalapeno & Cheddar that just got better and better.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie good for grits and other southern fare. Share your foodie love with her at