ASK A COP: What’s the move when everyone is speeding?

Published 12:24 am Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Hosea from Beaumont asks: A couple of weeks ago I was traveling to Houston and when I got on Interstate 10 the speed limit dropped to 65 mph, but it seemed like nobody was going slower than 75 mph. Would that be a reasonable speed since EVERYONE is doing it, or would it still be considered speeding?

Answer: You are in control of the vehicle, not the vehicle is in control of you. Well, at least we are not quite there yet, where the vehicle drives itself. I know it’s either tempting of intimidating to join the crowd, but when you KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY traveling above the posted speed limit, YOU are violating the state law of SPEEDING! The best plan of action in this case is get over to the far right lane and let the speeders have it, but you continue to drive legally either AT or BELOW the posted speed limit sign. Don’t ever let someone alter your driving behavior because they are in a hurry or just simply want to speed, unless it’s for the safety of yourself or other motorists on the roadway. Always ask yourself this question: When wanting to join speeders, if I was in a department store and everyone was picking up items and running out without paying for them, would I join them or go the register like I’m supposed to and redeem the items?

Officer Rickey Antoine

Cal from the Nederland asks: Could you please explain what violations police officers do and don’t enforce on private property?

Answer: There is a lot of confusion of what a Texas police officer WILL and WILL NOT investigate on private property. So here is a list of what a police officer WILL enforce on private property: Fire Zone violation, Disabled Parking violation, Reckless Driving violation and Driving While Intoxicated violation. Police officers in Texas will NOT investigate on private property: stop sign violations, bad parking violations (taking up multiple lanes), driving the wrong way down a lane, no seat belt violations, no driver’s license violation, expired registration sticker violation, failing to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk violation and minor fender bender crash where NO ONE is injured. You are welcome to call a police officer to the scene if you are involved in a crash, but the MOST they will do for you if no one is injured, is assist in exchanging information.

Tom from Port Arthur asks: Can someone that’s a passenger of a motorcycle ride without a helmet? I got a ticket for not having my seat belt on in a car, and the other day I saw the driver and passenger of a motorcycle without helmets. Guess how that made me feel? I’m still feeling the same way. Can you please help me understand?

Answer: There are some laws I don’t quite agree with in the Transportation Code, but MY job is not to agree, it’s to ENFORCE! In Texas, a motorcycle driver and rider are supposed to wear helmets when traveling on the roads UNLESS they have completed a motorcycle safety driver’s course or can produce health insurance coverage. The state used to have a minimum of $10,000 health coverage, but this has since been repealed. I understand how you must feel. Many motorists have expressed your sentiments. They have health insurance coverage and they still are cited for NOT wearing their seat belts. At this point, the state of Texas believes that correct usage of seat belts in your vehicle save lives, but at the same time allows motorcycle riders to be without! I agree with the state “WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT ALL THE TIME,” AND IF I HAD MY WAY HELMETS TOO!

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