ASK A COP — What can residents do with extremely loud muffler systems?

Published 12:27 pm Monday, May 9, 2022

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Fed up Leonard from Port Arthur asks: I’m at my wits end with these cars with extremely loud muffler systems. Especially at nighttime, these people are up and down the street without regard to anyone who may be resting in their homes. I’m aware officers may not be available every time someone starts their vehicle, but this loud muffler is not a necessity. Is there a law that addresses loud noise from a vehicle?

Officer Rickey Antoine

Answer: Any exhaust system modifications on vehicles registered in Texas must not produce “excessive or unusual” noise. There is a excessive noise from a vehicle law in Texas, but Texas isn’t very clear on what is excessive, so it will be the at the investigating officer’s discretion on what’s excessive in relation to noise from motor vehicles. Texas Transportation Code 547.604 prohibits loud mufflers on Texas roadways.

Do not think because your vehicle passed state inspection that your vehicle is legal, because mufflers are NOT an inspected item. The fine in the city of Port Arthur municipal court is up to $200 upon a guilty plea or conviction. You and any citizen should feel free to contact Port Arthur Police for assistance relating to loud vehicle mufflers. There’s also a city ordinance that prohibits music from being heard more than 50 feet away from the vehicle.

Anthony from Port Neches asks: How dark can the back windows be on my truck, and how would you know if it is too dark?

Answer: The state of Texas allows maximum of 25 percent light transparency of tint on the front driver and front passenger windows. The state of Texas also allows motorists to tint the rest of the windows as DARK as they can stand it, down to 0% light transparency. That’s almost like trying to look in a microwave that’s not on (smile). I don’t agree with this due to the safety of the police officers and the limited vision of the driver, but I only enforce and abide by the law I don’t make them. So as long as your tint is in compliance with the AS1 line with the front driver and front passenger windows, you can have your tint at whatever percent of light transparency you want.

Susan from Port Neches asks: My mom’s driver’s license is due for renewal. She will turn 81 years of age on May 21, and I’ve tried to go on-line to request it. We’ve even mailed it in, but the request was rejected. Now, Mom is afraid that something bad has happened to her license. What should we do?

Answer: Tell your Mom to clam down. I believe I see the problem. Your mom has reached beyond the magic age of for license renewal (79). In Texas, once you have reached the age of 79 you will no longer be eligible to renew your license online or by mail. You must go up there in person. Licensed drivers in Texas must renew their license every six years. When your Mom reaches the golden young age of 85, she will experience another change. Instead of renewing her license every six years, she will have to go in every two years to renew her driver’s license.

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