Mauriceville Municipal Utility District details a first: Plans for a rate decrease

Published 12:24 am Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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The Mauriceville Municipal Utility District announced its first rate decrease in its history.

Water rates will decrease, by two percent, beginning May 1 for water used in May that will be billed in June.

In a statement, the board said, “Some of you are aware that we were able to recently pay off the last of our 2011 revenue bonds by obtaining a $5,250,000 term loan from First State Bank of Texas. This 19-million-dollar debt goes back, prior to the year 2000, when our Wastewater Treatment System was constructed.  Because of this, even with substantial cost increases to maintain our wastewater treatment system, we have been able to continue the 2009 pricing for wastewater services.”

Board members said they have always done their best to keep rates as low as possible, while still meeting all our Utility District’s obligations.

The last rate increase was in 2009.

“We do not tax the District property owners, as most utilities do,” the board statement read. “To pay the bills, we must take care of our customers. In November 2019, we returned $67,360 to our customers by issuing each customer a one-time $20 bill credit. By refinancing, we have reduced our monthly debt service from $140,300 to $128,500 a month. This has enabled us, at long last, to have a rate reduction.”

The district is gaining approximately 100 customers a year and, “as we continue to grow, we will be able to share the costs amongst a wider group of people that should ensure that our rates continue to be carefully controlled. While all the other surrounding utilities have recently or will soon increase their rates, we are reducing ours,” the board stated.