CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Enjoy these eggs with ease; plus more delectable suggestions

Published 7:59 am Monday, April 18, 2022

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There’s variations of an egg dish with just a few ingredients: Eggs, jalapeno peppers and cheese.

Sometimes there’s flour. It’s easy to make, serve and eat.

I’ve used a new blue Texturra Performance non-stick bake pan for every version, and it it’s been a pleasure to not clean the pan.

A simple rinse and wipe prepped it for the next experiment each time. A “unique texture” encourages airflow and structural rigidity with even heating and “excellent release.”

Sounds like therapy, right?

Please DO follow instructions to prevent scratching, staining, etc. Mine is still new and I’m still loving it; can set you up.

The egg dish got a boost on my second styling with Better Body Foods Whole Grain Organic Oat Flour Blend. I didn’t even measure.

I just scooped out a couple of spoon’s worth and blended into my pepper eggs with great results. Use 1-1 replacement for muffins, etc., but it’s not recommended for yeast breads —

War Pig BBQ — It was the name, SNAFU, that got me.

Apparently my dad played a character, The Great SNAFU, during his military days.

He was a ham, but War Pig, a veteran-owned and Houston-based group of barbecue lovers, knows what do with hams. Situation Normal All Fowled Up is their chicken-fowl sauce.

FUBAR, For Use on Butts and Ribs, is another fun title and great flavor. These are good, these are fun and they’re from people who don’t mess around with their barbecue.

Ham Grenade is a rub to be reckoned with. This group earned an H-E-B Texas best ranking. Learn more at

Liberty Beans – I hope it’s OK I’ve got my Liberty Beans Freedom Blend in a travel cup. While the patriots at believe in in God, family, friends AND that coffee should be consumed black and from a mug.

But, no judgements, they add. I’m good with all of that plus the amazing aromas and deep flavors.

Jim the chef and Diane the chemist are married to each other and a fun/serious coffee production out of Cherry Hill, N.J.

Mugs clinking to their continued success!

Plant Junkie — Remember Elaine’s  “big salad” from “Seinfield?”

I had a friend who ate the same home version of a big salad daily. Classic romaine, tomatoes, red onions and a ton of olive oil.

Great for the body, but I have the “culinary thrill seeking gene,” so I like to try different textures and mix ins.

Canned corn and black beans are some faves right now. And how to dress these works of art in a bowl?

Plant Junkie is making it fun.

This line offers plant-based creations with natural stuff and Caeser is a newbie.

Avocado oil makes it snap. But hey, Thai Peanut is also calling my name. Chipotle Ranch makes you kick up your carrot sticks.

I really enjoy this line and what it stands for. My OCD likes me to finish one bottle before opening another. But Blue Cheese makes be go for the crunch. Join me in my salad joy at

Without a Trace – You’ve got a pinky promise from a family that kids, being super heroes and rock stars in the making, won’t have to be left out of snacking on account of food allergies.

They are now speaking from and baking for experience. I’m truly impressed with plant-based sea salt crisps that are “All of the Awesome. None of the Compromise.”

Try, which has lots of dates, oats and other combos that are fashioned into chewy granola bars, cookies, and power bites that taste good and fruity.

If you must be carful what you eat, you can spend more time enjoying it with this line.

Darragh Doiron is Southeast Texas foodie who spent most of her life not realizing how good an egg can be for breakfast. Share your stories with her at