ASK A COP — Is there a law regarding the white line at intersections?

Published 1:08 pm Monday, April 18, 2022

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Margie from Beaumont asks: What’s the deal about the white line at the intersection? Is there a law regarding the white line at intersections? I often find myself beyond the white line. I don’t feel bad because everyone else is stopping beyond or on the line. Have I been violating a law or am I OK with the driving habits pertaining to the white line at a intersection?

Answer: There are apparently many motorists who have the exact same question as you, or they simply don’t care about the law. I say this due to vast amount to motorists who are VIOLATING the white STOP LINE at intersections. Yes, there is a law in the state of Texas against stopping on or beyond the white stop line at an intersection. All motorists are required to stop before the white stop line. Stopping on or beyond the white stop line, a motorist could be issued a citation for failing to stop at the designated point. Stopping before the white stop line allows space for pedestrians and pedal cyclists to cross without walking or cycling into lane of traffic and allows enough space for vehicles that are turning.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Joan from Port Arthur asks: I was traveling down Twin City and came close to a truck, where there were approximately five females in the back of the moving pickup truck and they were dancing. They were quite entertaining, but dancing in the bed of a moving truck was NOT safe. I was wondering if dancing in the moving truck is illegal in Texas?

Answer: The Transportation Code states NO ONE under the age of 18 can legally ride in the rear/bed of a truck on the roads of Texas. If the individuals appeared 18 and over, they were legally riding in the rear of the truck. Now, the issue of dancing in the bed of the truck while the vehicle is moving must be visited. There is no law stating occupants must be seated or still while the truck is in use. With that said, it sounds like the females were within the law of Texas!

Dennis from Port Arthur asks: I was traveling on the road and met two police cars going in the opposite direction. I must truthfully admit I noticed I was going over the posted speed limit. But they didn’t stop me, and I was relieved because they had the right to turn around and write me a ticket. So what do I do? I conveniently set my cruise control that’s installed in my vehicle. But to my dismay I was pulled over a little further down the road by a different police officer. He told me he was informed by the first officer that I was speeding. He had to be a younger officer trying to make a name for himself. Now I was always told if the officer doesn’t catch you when you are speeding that we are off the hook. Is this procedure or have I been bamboozled?

Answer: The police officer who observes the violation does NOT have to be the officer who stops your vehicle and issues you a citation. When a police officer observes a violation, time is on the officer’s side as to when he shall issue the citation. In your case, that is routine operation within the law enforcement community. Officers often radio other officers and advise them what they observed and the other officer now has probable cause to stop said vehicle and issue a citation on the statement of another officer. Along with that, ANY law enforcement officer in the state of Texas has two years from the date they witnessed a class C misdemeanor to issue any person a citation. They can contact the appropriate court and have you subpoenaed to answer and complaint that could be a year old. So if you don’t violate the Texas Transportation Code, you have nothing to concern yourself about.

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