PASTOR MOFFETT — Value tied to our contribution back to community 

Published 12:04 am Saturday, April 9, 2022

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The value of a female and the worth of a woman can be synonymous to the soil of the “mother” earth.

As with the earth each gender that carries the XX chromosome has the ability to receive. Yes, there are some women that may not be able to bear children. But they still have the ability to receive seed.

I’m not talking about children. God said “It’s not good for man to be alone. I will make him a help meet.” I will make suitable soil for him to be able to plant the vision for the lineage.

True not every seed can grow in every soil. Certain types of soil will produce certain crops better than others. If the soil is spoiled, having its value or quality diminished or destroyed, the soil will struggle or even fail to accomplish what it is created and designed to do.

The same is with our females. Her character, her behavior, her intellect is to be cultivated to receive a good seed and produce a good crop. The launch of success of our lineage starts with the type of soil that the seed is planted in.

Watch the power of valuable soil. Even if the seed is bad, the soil will still try to bring life forth. This is called “the worth of a woman.” This is why it’s very important for woman (land) to ensure that they are dealing with a landscaper and not someone who’s hustling to make a dollar.

If the person they are dealing with is not a landscaper, all he can do is cut your grass, not cultivate your soil. A landscaper understands the value and worth of the land (woman) in which he is caring for. A landscaper will cause her grass to be greener and healthier.

A landscaper can take grass from brown to green. But it takes fertilizer. The value and worth of soil is reflected in how it responds to the poop that has been dumped on it.

Every female has the value to receive, but the worth to produce. Ladies, your value and worth are not tied to the number of children you birth. It’s tied to your contribution.

Cultivating our daughters to embrace their value, with planting seeds of strength, self-worth and self-value strengthens their soil, bringing forth value that’s worthy of harvesting. The difference between soil that’s spoiled is the “P” … Pollution.

Pastor De’mo Moffett, MSM, BSCJ is the senior pastor at Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace. Email him at