CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Try Peddler’s Paradise for treasure thrill seeking

Published 7:51 am Monday, March 21, 2022

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Michael has only one rule at Peddler’s Paradise. I suggest you visit him at 3190 Merriman Street in Port Neches to find out what it is.

Need tables, chairs or dishes? This consignment shop could furnish your culinary corner.

Dolls, tins and treasures keep shoppers intrigued and coming back for more.

Michael – that’s all it says on the biz card – is pretty  intriguing himself.

A view inside Peddler’s Paradise in Port Neches. (Darragh Doiron/Special to the Leader)

Two Fakers:

Risotto? Really? – I knew that RightRice risotto was different, but I forgot why when I made the best risotto I’d ever made. It was easy, too.

Creamy Parmesan Style risotto is made from vegetables. Lentils in fact.

You may have thought you didn’t like your veggies. Bet you like these.

I threw in frozen spinach and topped it with feta. Now that was good, and “way fewer carbs,” as the bag promotes. Betterer Foods of San Francisco delivers this. Learn more at

Not Milk – You can quit making fun of plant-based milk alternatives.

I’m in love with Not Milk in whole and 2 percent because it slurps, froths and tastes like milk. The company gives those attributes at, and I’ll vouch for a delicious pour.

Message on the carton: “Hello Curious Foodie. Welcome to the Future.” They’re talking to us!

Pass the Cornbread – Kentucky is famous for producing racehorses, bourbon and hemp. Didn’t know about the last one?

Cornbread Hemp of Louisville, Ky. has a video that could make you a proud American to get various types of relief from their fresh fruit, full spectrum, flower only and 100 percent organic product.

You see those dropper bottles everywhere now… this one is powerful in a good way, with a recommended dose of daily, before bedtime.

Organic berry gummies are just way above other options. These are square, sprinkled with sweet crystals and put me in the mind of gourmet Turkish Delights.

Again, these have a more calming effect that others I’ve sampled. These herbal supplements are worth reading about at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie getting ready for Cajun Heritage Festival, April 2, at the Carl A. Parker Multipurpose Center in Port Arthur. Reach her at