ASK A COP — What is best way to go when emergency vehicles approach from behind?

Published 5:58 am Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Santhosh from Port Arthur asks: When waiting at a red signal in the only lane waiting to turn left, by that time if any emergency vehicle comes from my back, which way should I move? Can I jump the signal, giving way to it, or just hold on at same position?

Answer: Emergency vehicles that come behind you with their red and blue lights flashing, and Oh My God, that loud siren blaring, almost is enough to send the average person into a cardiac episode. First thing Santhosh, “be patient” and make no sudden movement without considering the safety of other motorists on our road. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, run a red light. Your best reaction is to activate your right signal and, when it’s SAFE, turn right to give the emergency vehicle passage. We understand you want to clear the way for emergency vehicles, because sometimes seconds count when it comes to saving lives. But we won’t be able to provide assistance to others if we have to stay on scene for your crash.

Karen from Port Arthur asks: I understand many bicyclist don’t like or agree with the state law of bicyclists having to ride with the traffic on the roadways in Texas. So I ask this question, since a pedestrian is supposed to walk against traffic and a bicyclist is supposed to ride with the traffic, what if a pedestrian is pushing a bicycle? What direction do they travel?

Answer: If a pedestrian is pushing a bicycle, he or she will still be a pedestrian and obey the laws for pedestrians in the state of Texas. If at any point, the pedestrian decides to mount the bicycle and operate it, the rules instantly change to bicyclist laws in Texas.

Gail for Beaumont asks: I was at an intersection the other day while my husband was driving. We saw a car make a U-turn, and my husband got so angry he hit the roof. I didn’t know the answer and we were a little reluctant approaching a police officer to ask this question. So I told him I know just the officer who will have an answer. Is it illegal to make a U turn at an intersection?

Answer: In Texas it is NOT illegal to make a U- turn at an intersection if it can be safely done. Of course, the U-turn must be performed on a GREEN signal ONLY! So tell your husband he can fix the dent he put in the roof because making a U-turn at an intersection is OK in Texas. Keep in mind, if there’s no sign on the roadway that says NO U-TURN ,then it is permissible to make a U-turn!!!

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