OPINION: Positive Highlights – Give love a chance to win

Published 4:48 am Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Positive Highlights by Mary Ekene

There is always the lifelong question of, what is love? People, of course, young and old have their own definitions. But does anyone really know what the “word” means.

The word love can be an action word, can be an adjective, can be an ode to a song or poem. But there are several ways the word can be used. But when you have experienced love, I mean true love, it is a feeling that encompasses the word itself.

When you finally get the opportunity to feel true love, a love that shows truth, honesty and loyalty, it is exceptional.

In today’s society, everyone has a motive. It is so universal that it is hard to truly know if someone loves you. The gift of transparency is such a beautiful gift that would make marriages and relationships so much more vital.

Then, there are the ones who do not want to show their true feelings because of fear of being hurt. When this happens, it is hard to break down the walls of doubt.

To be in love is to be at peace with your internal and emotional feelings. In a world so lost, so dark and so dishonest, do not be hesitant to show it.

Let us all learn to seriously go within and give love a chance to win.

Mary Ekene/ Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Executive Member of the NAACP Orange Chapter/ Activist & Author of Bring Positivity Back/ Founder & Owner of Livol LLC