OPINION: From The Mayor of Orange- “Make it Happen” in 2022!

Published 11:54 am Monday, January 3, 2022

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To the wonderful Citizens of Orange and surrounding communities,
The New Year has begun and we are blessed with another chance to glorify God in all that we do. There are many of us who are looking forward to a fresh start or to a new beginning and I as well am excited to see what God has intended for this community in the year 2022.

I write this message to you today in order to encourage, motivate and provide an outlook as we journey through the year.
In casual conversation, I find that many of us are always seeking a balance or looking for an answer to the unforeseen circumstances that life throws at us. We sometimes find ourselves trapped in a world of confusion, we feel like there’s not enough time or that the obstacles before us are insurmountable.
The message and the outlook for 2022 is to “Make it Happen”!
Everything that we need to be successful resided within us however it is up to us to use our talents and inner gifts to conquer the situations that life throws at us. God has blessed us with the tools and gifts needed to address every situation that life has a way of distorting to where we feel like we can’t conquer the day and I’m here to tell you that scripture ensures us that “With God All things are Possible”!

When you think you can’t meet the deadline… “Make it Happen”.
If someone says there is no way possible…“Make it Happen”.
If you want to finish that degree… “Make it Happen”.
If you want more for your family and personal life in 2022… “Make it Happen”.

It’s time for us to move forward, it’s time for us to open our eyes and hearts to what God has purposed for our lives.
There are many projects, developments and accomplishments coming to fruition in the community and I know that this is only the beginning. The prayers of those who came before us along with those who are in intercession now are being answered daily.

We must continue to strive; we must continue to put our best foot forward and “Make it Happen” so that the future and the youth of this community will continue to be blessed for decades to come.
I never said that it was going to be easy and I never said that times of uncertainty wouldn’t try to raise its ugly head. When those moments arise and you start to feel as if you can’t just know that Yes you can and that God is with you.
I encourage you to be positive, to uplift one another and to continue to love as Christ has loved us.

Here in Orange, Texas we put Christ first in all that we do, Love people where they are for who they are and let God handle the rest.

“Make it Happen” and have a wonderfully blessed year!

Larry Spears Jr.

Mayor of Orange, Texas