Lawyers files restraining orders and lawsuits over Nederland gas leak

Published 1:01 pm Friday, December 17, 2021

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The leak of deadly Hydrogen Sulfide gas and other dangerous chemicals at the Nederland Tank Wash resulted in vapor pouring into the atmosphere and flooding the neighborhoods with noxious and toxic fumes for almost a week now.  Locals were eventually advised to either evacuate or shelter in place to reduce exposure risks.

Local attorney Brent Coon has filed a deeply detailed lawsuit on behalf of the Nederland residents affected by this gas leak.  Gas measurements taken throughout the week have shown levels of hydrogen sulfide at above industrial hygienist acceptable safe levels of 3ppm.  Coon and his firm have a long history of successfully going after companies in the petrochemical industry who do not take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe environment for their employees, contractors and their neighbors.

“Not only was this a disaster and a major danger to the residents of Nederland, but Nederland Tank Wash did very little to warn the local population and has continued to be tight lipped over what happened and why. The fact that the leak continued all week and the trailer was not moved to a safer location away from residents invites a host of additional questions we will get answers to from our inspections of the facility with the restraining orders. This sort of negligence and irresponsibility is unconscionable,” said Coon.

On Friday, Brent Coon & Associates filed the Temporary Restraining Order to preserve the evidence so that the attorneys and their experts can inspect the facility and tanker at issue and access Nederland Tank Wash’s records to establish a time line and cause of the incident.  The lawsuit states that Nederland Tank Wash was clearly responsible for owning or having ready access to equipment that can mitigate the harms caused by leaks of this nature including a caustic abatement system or a vapor incinerator.