Governor Abbott Meets With Texas Energy Providers To Discuss Grid Reliability, Preparedness

Published 8:10 am Friday, December 17, 2021

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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott, on Thursday,  held meetings with Texas energy providers to discuss the reliability of the power grid and preparedness ahead of the winter season.

The Governor and energy leaders discussed the actions already taken and improvements implemented by both providers and the state following the winter storm. These actions include updated winter preparedness plans, ongoing meetings with plant managers, and winterization of all components of the power grid, which includes the implementation of insulation, heat tracing, and windbreakers at power plants.

Energy leaders outlined the many resources they have invested in over the past year, including additional back-up generators, dual fuel sources, permanent fuel tanks, heaters, and spare parts. Several providers also discussed their efforts to ensure that natural gas supply is available this winter to fuel power plants, including on-site storage of natural gas and designation of natural gas facilities as critical to ensure they maintain power during energy emergencies.

Energy providers detailed proactive communication plans for customers before, during, and after potential outages, enhanced employee training, and increased coordination between the electric and natural gas industries. Governor Abbott noted the importance of a proactive, not reactive, response to winter weather and power outages, and reaffirmed the State’s commitment to working with energy providers to ensure that resources, support, and supplies are provided to customers no matter the situation.

“The State of Texas has taken unprecedented steps to protect our critical power infrastructure and increase power generation to ensure that our electric grid is reliable and capable of meeting demand,” said Governor Abbott. “We will continue to work collaboratively with energy providers across the state to further improve the dependability of the grid and ensure that Texans do not face power outages like those experienced last winter.”