Gator Country visits LCJH Life Science class

Published 8:46 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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Little Cypress 7th grade students in Amanda Istre’s Life Science class enjoyed a visit from Gator Country Adventure Park out of Beaumont. Students were engaged as they participated in hands on learning all day. They were able to hold the alligators, Tortious, bearded dragon, and snake while being taught interesting facts about all the different species. Gator Country is the largest alligator adventure part/sanctuary in Southeast Texas. They offer a variety of services, including work with local and state authorities to provide sanctuary for nuisance alligators. They also work with schools and universities to provide educational opportunities and feeding shows taught by their interns.

“It was the perfect way to end our unit over genetic traits,” Ms. Istre said. “Our students had a blast.”