This November, Better, Safer Transportation Infrastructure is on the Texas Ballot

Published 8:29 am Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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By Senator Robert Nichols and Representative Terry Canales

 Texas is growing and growing really fast: by roughly 1,000 people a day. But is anyone looking forward and planning for this growth?

 The answer is YES… and we’re doing something about it. On the ballot this November 2, you and every Texan will have a say — it’s up to us to vote “YES” on Constitutional Proposition 2.

Proposition 2 on November’s ballot addresses the growth and planning challenges we all see so clearly: the roughly 1,000 new Texans a day aren’t bringing their own roads and bridges with them!

A bipartisan group of Texas Legislators recognized that even though the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is completing new roads and bridges on time and under budget (a remarkable 26% increase from the year before), local projects sometimes get stuck in line behind the really, really big, long-term regional/Interstate projects.

Texas needs an additional, locally driven option to ensure we keep up with our fast-paced growth and deal with traffic and maintenance. And so, the Texas Senate and House Transportation Committees worked together to draft new legislation, which Texas Legislators overwhelmingly supported, that will give Texans an opportunity to vote on a Constitutional Amendment to make local infrastructure funding a priority.

Proposition 2 on this November’s ballot would allow counties to access additional infrastructure funding by establishing Transportation Reinvestment Zones (TRZ), which allow counties to designate an underdeveloped or blighted area around a transportation project and harness the resulting increases in sales taxes and property values to finance the project. Importantly, Proposition 2 equips counties with an additional funding mechanism to expedite road maintenance, reduce congestion and deliver safer roads without raising any taxes or creating new fees. Proposition 2 also prohibits any funds for toll roads.

On November 2, Texas will have an opportunity to vote “For” Proposition 2 to give counties some of the same tools cities now have to improve transportation infrastructure and address the challenge without new taxes, fees or tolls.

A quick look at any Texas map will show you the majority of our most critical roads don’t stop at the city limits. A “YES” vote on Proposition 2 will allow counties to dedicate additional funding to infrastructure and keep Texans safe on the road while reducing time spent in traffic.

A “YES” vote on Proposition 2 improves safety, improves traffic flow, means more new jobs and positions Texas for greater growth for decades to come.

We encourage you to support Prop. 2 and vote to help Texas continue to grow and prosper. Early voting starts October 18. Election Day is November 2. Let’s take another important step to keep improving our highways and bridges.

Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) is Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee and Terry Canales (D-Edinburg) is Chairman of the House Transportation Committee. You can learn more about

Proposition 2 by visiting