Flipper inks winning tats in Alaska

Published 6:02 am Wednesday, September 8, 2021

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Two conventions far from home netted seven awards for Randall “Flipper” Dolittle of Flipper’s Skin Flix in Bridge City.

Flipper has won several awards during the Beaumont Inkmasters Tattoo Conventions and this year decided to compete further from home.

“It is harder on the road,” Flipper said. “Here, you can play things out.

He was at the Anchorage, Alaska Inkmasters Tattoo Convention August 13, 14, and 15 and then at Fairbanks, Alaska Inkmasters Tattoo Convention August 19- 21.

“I did not meet one rude person the whole time there,” Flipper said. He added, with a smile, “Although, they were quick to let me know Texas was not the biggest state.”

In Anchorage he won Second Place for Black and Gray Color Fusion and Third Place for Realistic.

“Black and Gray with color fusion means the tattoo is primarily in black and gray ink with some white, depending, but will have one color to make it pop,” Flipper said. “Like a sleeve tat on the arm, all in black except red flowers.”

In Fairbanks, he won Second Place foe Small Black and Gray, Second Place for Black and Gray Color Fusion, Third Place Amr and Leg Piece, Second Place Large Color and Second Place Realistic.

Flipper said he is considering attending more conventions, and may compete every other month.

Earlier this year, he won 13 awards at 6th annual Ink Masters Tattoo Show Beaumont.

Flipper is owner of Flipper’s Skin Flix a professional tattoo and body piercing studio located at 1060 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. He is known for his for his clean, sterile shop. The door to the establishment has a sign reminding potential clients that they must be not be drunk or on drugs to receive a tattoo.

To see work done at Flipper’s Skin Flix, on Instagram for artists: Flipper @tattooflipper