OP-ED: Living Life: Stretching your boundaries

Published 7:26 am Saturday, August 14, 2021

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Chris Kovatch

Football practices have begun for Stryker and he couldn’t be happier. Whether he is playing football, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, he is always ready to do his best. While sports come naturally to him, it is obviously much more than just a game for him. It is a way for him to focus, exercise, learn new skills, and in his own words ‘dominate the field or court’. He is not lacking in self-confidence to be sure.

Joining the sports world has been a challenge to me. I played soccer when I was younger but have never been really interested in sports in general. I love going to games, but that’s about it.

Once Stryker voiced his desire to participate in a number of sports, I quickly realized that, whether I liked it or not, I was about to be thrown into the mix. My goal is always to be supportive and involved in the activities that my kids choose to participate in.

What I have learned as we have joined the Orangefield sports community is that while winning is always a goal, there is so much more than that. A focus on improving oneself, working together as a team, and exhibiting good sportsmanship are also major tenets. More importantly, a focus on faith is woven throughout the organizations. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Stryker’s coaches and seeing everything they pour into their players.

Getting comfortable in one’s day to day activities is all but inevitable. I realized that while I might be out of my comfort zone moving into the sports arena as a parent, this isn’t a bad thing. When we don’t grow and expand our horizons, we become stagnant and don’t grow as individuals. Seek out opportunities to stretch your boundaries; that make you grow. Life is a constant learning process. We must avoid the notion that we have ‘arrived’ and know it all.

Chris Kovatch is a resident of Orange County. You can reach him at news@orangeleader.com