OP-ED: Story over a cup: What’s for Lunch?

Published 6:59 am Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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Michael Cole
Story Over A Cup

So about 11 this morning, the wife wanted to go to lunch. I didn’t have a problem with doing this since lately I have not had much of a chance to get out.

Not because of COVID or anything, I just am in my ‘don’t like people phase’ and when I am in this mood, I tend to not go around people.

So far, I am going on the 5th year of the phase.

Anyway, back to lunch.

If your marriage is anything like mine, probably the closest we get to divorce or murder is picking a place to eat. In the past we would decide to go eat, get in the car and then drive aimlessly as we narrowed down our choices.

Usually, we started by eliminating the places we did not want to go.

According to my wife, I am at fault in this. After all, I can usually find something on the menu I like no matter where it is. But whenever I say I am good wherever, I am the problem.

This leads me to tossing out names which are promptly thrown out.

A prime reason I do not suggest anything.

Well, usually we just bite the bullet and end up going to the same two or three places.

But today was different. Today, we were determined to find someplace new.

We picked the wrong time of day.

The first place we went to, the parking lot was packed. The thought of going into a packed restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, not to mention in the middle of a Texas August, was not appealing.

The next place was almost as bad. The parking lot was deceiving. It didn’t look packed from the outside. Yet, once in the lobby, we realized we had been duped.

So, what to do?

I was hungry. I was hot. I was tired. At this point, I would have eaten almost anything.

Well, it was decided that we would eat at the next restaurant we passed if it wasn’t crowded.

We were not disappointed.

I have to say, I have lived here for years and never been to Bluebird’s before today.

It is now on my ‘must eat places’ list.

The food portions were perfect, even generous, for the price. The shrimp tasted like it was singing “Under the Sea” to the fish now sitting battered and deep fried next to it; and the onion rings were to die for.

We sat on the porch, and it doesn’t matter how hot the Texas sun can be in August, the bayou air will cool it down to a relaxing temp.

I have to say, we were remarkably impressed.

My only regret is that I saw the coffee after I ate. Nothing like a strong brew on a lazy day.

Well, friends, give it a try, and until next time keep the cups full!

Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at www.storyoveracup.com