Letter to the Editor: Job well done

Published 6:43 am Saturday, August 7, 2021

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I would just like to give “kudos” to the young man (at 86, all people are “young” to me) who mowed the ditches in front of our home here in Pinehurst. He not only did a fantastic job, he did it in a minimum of time. It really makes you feel good to know the little bit we pay in taxes is being used so well. Since my hobby is writing verses, the following is a tribute to all such workers:
I don’t know your name, my laboring friend
I don’t even know how this verse will end
But one thing I know that is true
The world needs more folks like you
You do your job and you do it fine
You do your job and I’ve done mine
To thank you in this special way
So go out and have a very great day

John Wayne Clark