Overcoming odds leads woman to achieving her dreams

Published 6:24 am Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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By Courtney Zetar

Natalya and Julian Hebert are motivated by the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” These are words they speak each day and is what keeps Natalya motivated.

Natalya recently opened Beauty Shop, Beauty Body at 1607 N 16th Street in Orange.

Accomplishing her dream was not without obstacles along the way.

Natalya was the middle of five children. Growing up in Jackson, Mississippi was difficult as her family struggled with economic challenges. Despite living in poverty, she always had an eye for fashion and style.

“It was very tough growing up without much, but yes, I was always into fashion,” Natalya said. “I was a girly girl.”

She reflected on the days of braiding her sister’s hair too tight and playing dress up.

Having little money growing up kept her focused and a desire to want more out of life. Staying focused did not come easy being an albino African American female growing up in Jackson, Mississippi.

“There were a lot of painful memories of being teased by both sides for the color of my skin,” Natalya said. “Growing up in Jackson did not make things any easier.”

Dealing with racial slurs lead to feelings of depression. Her grandmother and her upbringing in the church helped pull her through those times.

“My grandmother, Sherlene Brown, was my rock,” Natalya said. “Because of her, I always kept God first and kept it moving. I didn’t let those things get to me because I knew God had a greater purpose for me.”

In 2017, she married her longtime companion, Julian Hebert, of Orange.

“I can’t find words to describe what it feels like to wake up to such a beautiful and goal driven woman every day,” Julian said.

Their motto is “Teamwork makes the dream work” and recite these words each day to one another.

“My husband keeps me strong and is the world to me,” Natalya said.

Together they have a daughter, three months, along with Julian’s sones Legend, 6, and St. Jaii, 5.

Faith and strong will pushed Natalya forward to nursing school. In 2019, she earned her degree was struck with the loss of two important people in her life, her grandmother in April and her father on December of the same year, her father passed away nine days before she received her degree.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for my husband and God, I would never have made it through,” Natalya said.

As a registered nurse, Natalya still had a passion for fashion.

“I used to work for Cecile Baggett at a black beauty supply store and everyone asked me all kinds of things pertaining to the store as if I was running it,” Natalya said. “So, I said why not run my own business?”

Natalya asked Cecile for advice about running a shop and learning ways to own her own beauty supply store.

“I just kept working and clawing, finding ways to get started and wouldn’t give up until my dream became a reality,” Natalya said. “Prayer really works!”

Friends also helped encourage her to reach for her dreams.

In June she opened her own shop.

“I would say I can’t believe it, but that would not be true,” Natalya said. “I always knew that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.”

It is her string mind set and sheer determination which has brought her to this point.

She wants others who are striving for their dreams to never give up and continue moving forward towards your destiny.

“I truly believe in prayer and sacrifice,” Natalya said. “I believed it and now I have achieved it.”