OP-ED: Giving a few shout outs

Published 6:33 am Saturday, June 5, 2021

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Dawn Burleigh,
General Manager/Editor

After complaining a great deal about two skeins of yarn, which magically showed up on the tracking on Thursday after not moving since 2:02 a.m. May 15, I want to give kudos to a couple of local businesses.

First, working without air conditioning is not a fun experience, especially in South East Texas. Yet, that is what we have done at the office for just over a week. One company which helped us get one step closer to having a new unit installed was Down Home Welding and Fabricating in Bridge City. Matt Robertson added us to his schedule on a Saturday. A Saturday of a three-day weekend, I might add, so that we could schedule the next team to come in and install the air conditioning unit. Robertson was fast, friendly and professional. We are grateful he was willing to give up part of his Saturday to help us out.

As I write this, we are waiting for the unit to be installed. Innovative Air Solutions, thank you for saving us from the heat!

On Wednesday night, my husband and I tried a new to us restaurant, The Crawfish Hole. Now we understand what all the talk is about. We could smell the crawfish as we put our and, on the door, and commented about how good it smelled. With food allergies, we were concerned about possible ‘contamination’ but Brigg Paterson, co-owner with his wife Amy, confirmed the crawfish was dairy free. Before you question that comment, there is a very common spice concoction in this area which does contain milk by-products and will cause an allergic reaction.

The crawfish was amazing! The waitstaff was friendly, professional and constantly moving. A bucket of crawfish shells was never overflowing as they quickly removed it and replaced it with an empty one. We noticed there was absolutely no bread or wheat products, which caused us to question if the seasoning was gluten free as well. To our joy, they are gluten free! We are now planning to return to the restaurant with someone who normally does not eat out because she cannot have gluten. Thank you, Brigg and Amy, for a wonderful dinner and the dinners in the future. Great crawfish and great atmosphere. Next time, we may have to try the crabs and shrimp as well. Seriously, if you like crawfish, you need to go to The Crawfish Hole.

As I was washing my hands of all the crawfish seasoning, I really expected to discover the damage to my nails. I just had them done on Saturday and even had rhinestones, err, ‘diamonds’ added for a little extra dazzle. My husband and I even joked about how many of the gems I would lose during the meal. Nina at Nail Art did an excellent job as I did not lose a single stone! If you want a great pedicure, ask for Lisa at Nail Art.

I want to add, the package containing the yarn did actually arrive at its final destination on Thursday. I am grateful I did not actually unravel the project. I do find it odd that it started moving the day after the merchant said they were sending me the order again.


Dawn Burleigh is general manager and editor of The Orange Leader. She can be reached at dawn.burleigh@orangeleader.com