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Published 5:43 pm Friday, April 23, 2021

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I attended middle school and East Campus during my formative years. Today, at age 51, I am now an independent graphic design artist who is researching a book with the tentative title, “Generational Curses, Reversed.” I would like for readers to share memories and info on an art teacher from West Orange/Cove named Mrs. Sholars. There is also another excellent art teacher from East Campus named Mr. Humphrey that greatly influenced who I am now. A dear friend named Nancy Bolton accidentally died from a gunshot wound and I need to speak to survivors before I would publish anything. Please share info and memories so that a native son of the Sabine and Calcasieu Rivers can prove “Who” reverses any curses placed on our lives.

Tony Marcantel

Monroe, Louisiana

(email published with permission of Mr. Marcantel)