The Medical Center of Southeast Texas Returns Multiple Covid -19 floors back to original purpose

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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Our community continues to see a decline in Covid-19 related hospitalizations.  We are encouraged to see Southeast Texas benefit from the combined efforts of wearing a mask, physical distancing and greater access to vaccines. As a result, The Medical Center of Southeast Texas is able to begin the reinstatement of multiple dedicated Covid-19 units within our Port Arthur campus, back their original use.   Certain areas of our hospital were proactively converted at the start of this crisis to manage the surge of Covid-19 cases in our community.  Rededicating these floors to their original purpose, expands our diversity of care and broadens treatment plans for a variety of non-covid conditions.  We remain vigilant in the fight against Covid-19 with dedicated resources still in place and proactive plans for expansion readily accessible.     

 Early in 2020, The Medical Center of Southeast Texas converted 71 rooms to meet the guidelines for Covid treatment as dictated by the CDC.   These conversions included air quality modifications, additional equipment, and clinical staff.  Additional measures were taken to secure the only isolation waiting area in Southeast Texas.   This area will stay in use for patients arriving in our ER with covid-like symptoms to ensure the safety of all those in seeking urgent and emergent care.     

The Medical Center of Southeast Texas President, Josh Snow stated, “We are so proud of our clinical teams and providers for their unwavering support during this pandemic. Their dedication to the community we all serve is nothing short of heroic.” Snow also said of the closures, “returning these floors to their original purpose signals a hopeful time for our hospital family and for our community. We will maintain the ability to expand our covid hospitalization capacity should the need arise.”

Dr. Gary Mennie, Chief Medical Officer for The Medical Center of Southeast Texas said, “There is a growing amount of confidence in vaccines and preventative measures for Covid-19.  I am very happy to see the considerable decline of covid hospitalizations and rededicating our resources to their original purpose.”  

 The Medical Center of Southeast Texas remains dedicated to outstanding healthcare, in a thoughtful and safe environment.