Letter to the editor: Things I’ve noticed on the ridiculous front

Published 12:55 am Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Out of respect for mentally impaired senior citizens, I won’t call our dementia riddled ‘Uncle Joe’ any of the disgustingly vulgar names Donald Trump was subjected to by Democrats and the ‘Lying Biden Press’ over the last four years, but he does look ridiculous, doesn’t he? In fact, A.O.C. and a new squad of thirty five ranking Democrats are worried enough to send a letter to Pelosi demanding his mental health be evaluated before his trigger finger gets the itch to push a nuclear button. If this happens, we won’t have to worry about our enemies getting the jump on us, because they will die laughing at how ridiculous the old leadership of the Democratic party has become. Think about it, while Chuck and Nancy have been performing their impersonations of Archie and Edith Bunker on the house and senate floor these last few years, our enemies have been taking notes. Somebody needs to redirect those crusty old brain dead Democrats to the studio of the ‘Walking Dead’ where brains and intelligence are not required for employment. They won’t need much in the way of makeup, because they’re already pretty scary looking in their natural state, and they can get all their raggedy old movie clothes from the homeless who live around Nancy Pelosi’s mansion.

Another thing I’ve noticed on the ridiculous front, why is it that Democrat presidents always seem so hell bent on destroying the things that actually work in our country? Jimmy Carter did it first, Bill Clinton did it for the children, and Barrack Obama did it for Michelle because she hated the country so much, and poor ole ‘Uncle Joe’ is doing his best to outdo them all. The question is this: what engine of prosperity will this mentally challenged genius of the modern Democratic/Socialist party replace it with? We can’t all be on the Chinese, Russian payroll like he and Hunter are to create our income. Ronald Reagan once said that government is not the solution to our problems, it is the problem. I agree. I recently saw a poll that said 75% of Americans distrust their government. After watching Democrats bury us in trillions of dollars of debt and redistribute our wealth to the world, desecrate the constitution, and blatantly STEAL a presidential election, I’m wondering why it’s not much higher.

Free enterprise and socialism will always be at odds with one another, that’s why Democratic economies always look so pale and lifeless next to capitalism. Why be a wealth producer if the government is there to take it from you? Can you say Keystone Pipeline? Trump policies incentivized the free market to the best economy we have had in fifty years, and Howdy Doody is tearing it apart piece by piece as fast as he can. The ‘Problem’ with Democrats is they have no real idea how to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the way the founders intended, because that index of ideas is not found in their Communist/Marxist/Socialist handbook. They have to deceive and cheat to win elections or they’d never get elected. After much consideration, I’ve come to think Democrats are still sore about losing the last Civil War they started in 1860, and this idea of Marxism/Socialism/Communism is just the latest vehicle they’re using to help them get revenge on the Republicans. Show me another country in the world where this ever worked and I’ll shut up. It always turns into tyranny with a small ruling class of elites controlling the lives of the citizenry, without any liberty or the ability to pursue happiness. My advice to Democrats is this: If you want to live in one of those great socialist utopias, denounce America and its values and move to Cuba. Better yet, move further away to Venezuela. I hear the weather is better there and that guy Madura is a real sweetheart. Furthermore, with all these people trying to come here illegally to pursue their dreams, you won’t be missed.

Arlon Davis, citizen