OP-ED: Positive Highlights: Crabs in a bucket making noise! Time to silence the clatter

Published 7:08 am Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Mary Ekene

In a generation where we all see the chaos behind Black Lives Matter (BLM), equality, discrimination, hate crimes, etc., it is sad to see that African- American people still tear each other down daily.

How can we talk about black hate crimes if we are not showing that example of love and support for one another? So, let me start with my community, the city of Orange, we need to stop tearing each other down and doing whatever it is necessary to demean one another.

It starts with the leaders all the way down to the people in the community.  How can we be an example to our children if we as a people cannot learn to love and uplift one another?

I see it too much, “Black people support each other, black people uplift one another, black people pray for each other.”  But we are spewing out hate and taking every chance we get to belittle and hate on one another.  This is not bringing unity nor peace, but bringing division in the community.

It is placing discourse in our community and no one is benefitting from it.

Do not preach about love and peace if your actions are contradicting the message.

How are we supposed to build each other up if hate and jealousy are behind the mission? I do not understand it, we cannot talk about other races showing hate for our people if we are hating each other EQUALLY.

It is our responsibility in the black communities worldwide to be that light and voice of reason for love.

City of Orange, the segregation of peace and love needs to end today.  If you are a part of the black community in this great city of Orange, ask yourself this very question, “Am I a part of the solution or  am I a part of the problem?”   If you are a part of the problem, IT STARTS WITH YOU TO CHANGE!

Mary Ekene/ Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Activist & Author for Bring Positivity Back, Founder & CEO of Livol LLC