Getting to know the Port of Beaumont

Published 1:53 pm Sunday, March 21, 2021

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The Port of Beaumont is more than an economic engine, it is a pillar in our community. For the last 100+ years, the Port of Beaumont has moved goods throughout the nation and the world to ensure our region thrives economically.

While the primary cargoes have changed several times since 1916, the mission remains the same- generate economic activity and create jobs.

The Port of Beaumont Channel supports 67,006 jobs, contributes $4.4 billion to the Gross State Product annually and works with hundreds of companies to support the growth our region has experienced over the last decade.

While 2020 tested us all, we are confident our region will do what it does best and come back better than ever before.  How, you ask? Collaboration and focus.

Just looking at the Port of Beaumont public facilities and not the other private facilities along the waterway, you’ll see 21 projects totaling $249 million as part of their Capital Improvement Plan.

Many of these projects will be under construction at some point this year and some are collaborative efforts with private partners. The result will be 100% more rail interchange capacity, 50% more dock capacity and a 30% increase in laydown area at the public port facilities. All of this equates to economic growth. This is growth the community should be proud of because the Port of Beaumont is your port and your port is worth bragging about.