Senator Bryan Hughes files The Freedom From Censorship Act

Published 2:37 pm Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Tyler– Senator Bryan Hughes, along with Governor Greg Abbott, addressed a coalition in East Texas regarding his filing of Senate Bill 12 to protect Texans’ right of free speech.  Senator Hughes issued the following statement on the collusion by Big Technology companies to stifle free speech:

“Americans are seeing an explicit and increasingly intense attack on free speech by Big Tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter.  These sites have become the modern public square, wielding unprecedented power over public discourse without being subject to traditional safeguards for individual voices.   I filed SB12 to prevent social media companies from discriminating against users based on their social or political viewpoint, to allow Texans who are wrongly silenced to quickly get back online, and to hold these enormously powerful companies accountable for their overt political favoritism.

Online censorship by these companies has meant the throttling, banning, and in some cases the deletion of countless Texans who merely attempted to express their points of view online. Remarkably, these tech giants will reflexively bend the knee to woke-ism and even the Chinese Communist Party, yet they cannot muster the courage to tolerate online speech that questions their narrow and misguided world view.

Big Tech is about to learn that Texans are a free and independent people, and we are not accustomed to yielding to bullies.”