OP-ED: Positive Highlights- Challenging you in 2021 to end the chaos

Published 6:59 am Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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Mary Ekene

So, let us have a one to one chat about character defamation. What is character defamation? Character defamation is when someone makes a false and harmful statement about an individual.  It is grounds for a lawsuit and legal prosecution if assassination continues with the opposing party.

Character defamation is also the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and their character.  I find it so disheartening how we continue to live in a society where hate and jealousy is in the root of this action.  What happened to simply having a conservation with an individual to avoid such circumstances?

We do not take out the time to sort out any misunderstandings with an individual, but we would rather tear them down and ridicule them in front of everyone.  These types of people, my friends, are called BULLIES.

Bullies feed of negativity and take every opportunity to make people feel less superior than themselves.  Usually, bullies suffer from insecurity and low self-esteem.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Hurt people HURT people?” It is so true and very unfortunate.

If you feel you have to slander someone because you are intimidated or just envious of them, it is a disease you need healing from.  When someone cannot be like someone or simply cannot stand how positive someone is, they will create lies and try to build up an army to have people believing their lies.

Remember, a lie is different from the truth. Of course, this should be elementary to us.  Now, if you have wronged someone or if you are guilty of something, of course the right thing to do is to own your actions. But if someone is blatantly accusing you of something that is untrue and spreading lies about you, then again, my friend that is CHARACTER DEFAMATION.

It should be a time now where communication should come into play and people learn to respect one another. I have never heard of anyone gaining blessings by keeping up chaos and havoc.  What does one really gain behind all of that senseless behavior?

In 2021 and so forth, I challenge everyone to steer your hearts and attitude to a positive attitude.  I challenge everyone to realize that life is short and we should live in a common place of love and unity.

How can we teach our next generation about love, peace and joy if we as adults, professionals, educators, pastors etc., are leading in a NEGATIVE LIGHT?

I pray we all learn to truly uplift and encourage one another and let us make character defamation a thing of the past.

Mary Ekene/Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc./Activist & Author for Bring Positivity Back/ Founder & Owner of Livol LLC