OP-ED: Future forecasting for WOCCISD

Published 6:57 am Saturday, February 13, 2021

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Dr. Rickie R. Harris

In 2015, we conducted a strategic planning meeting with a committee of District stakeholders, including community members, parents,  staff, and board members. Over three days, the planning committee developed a mission and vision statement and strategic goals to guide the District for a 5-7 year period. Based on the work of that committee, WOCCISD has been strategically accomplishing those goals.

How time flies, we are beginning the sixth year of that 5-7 year plan, and the time has come to forecast for this organization’s future yet again.  This past Monday, with guidance from Dr. Danny Lovett of the Region V service center, the WOCCISD Board of Trustees and the Superintendent’s Cabinet conducted a three-hour session to evaluate our progress and set a direction to move us forward. In that meeting, it was determined that the District has made tremendous progress accomplishing the goals set forth and decided that the critical issues of 2015 are not the critical issues of 2021. Based on that determination, the leadership team adjusted, removed, and developed goals to lead us forward for the next 5-7 years. Here are the beliefs and goals that will move the District forward:


Empowering lives through excellence every day!

Mission Statement

In partnership with our parents and community, our mission is to transform lives through an exceptional educational experience.

We believe:

  • Parental involvement is the key to student success.
  • When we hire a staff that believes in our students and has the willingness to do WHATEVER it takes for their success, there is nothing we cannot do.
  • We provide a safe environment for all students and staff.
  • All of our children are gifted, talented, and capable of learning from the platforms we offer.
  • As a district, we are equipped to teach both students and our staff everything we need to move this District to where we want it to be in TODAY’S world.

Strategic Goals

West Orange-Cove CISD will:

  • Promote a positive image
  • Ensure that every campus and every department develop and understand the characteristics of the ideal WOCCISD employee.
  • Provide opportunities to increase family involvement.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for our faculty, staff, and students to have the peace of mind necessary to pursue excellence.
  • Promote an atmosphere of high expectations within a culture of care, respect, and consequences.

In closing, we are excited for the future of the District and the goals set forth by this extraordinary team of leaders. We are continually moving forward to improve West Orange-Cove CISD for the students’ success, and we will continue to empower lives through excellence every day!

Dr. Rickie R. Harris is the Superintendent at West Orange – Cove CISD