Four COVID related deaths reported

Published 12:06 pm Thursday, February 4, 2021

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By Dawn Burleigh

While the numbers appear promising as the vaccine is becoming more available, there were four more COVID related deaths in the past week bringing the total to 84 death dur to the coronavirus in Orange County.

There are also 12 less active cases this week with 804 reported compared to the 816 reported the previous week.

The number of recovered cases also saw a huge jump with an increase of 315 when comparing the 5,733 total reported this week compared to last week. The total reflects the number recorded since the COVID-19 Crisis began in March 2020.

The grand total of coronavirus cases in Orange County increased by 307 according to the numbers released this week bringing the number to 6,621.

There are also two less persons on the ventilators and two less hospitalized than the week before. At the time the numbers were released, 27 persons from Orange County were in the hospital due to COVID.

When searching for a vaccination site, remember:

  • Vaccine supply is limited. Not all local providers have vaccine each week and hubs may have long waiting lists.
  • Do not show up at a hub or provider looking for a vaccine.
  • Instead, check the provider’s website. Call only if the website doesn’t answer your questions.

Vaccine supply is still limited in Texas, but more arrives each week.

If you’re eligible to get vaccinated now, you can check with a large vaccination hub and/or a local vaccine provider, like a nearby pharmacy or your doctor. Check here for vaccine availability in our area:

According to the CDC, Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines both require two doses. It’s best if you get your second dose from the same brand as your first dose. For example, if you got a Moderna first dose, it’s best to get Moderna for your second dose.

The timing between your first and second dose depends on which vaccine you received:

  • Moderna: 4 to 6 weeks after your first dose
  • Pfizer: 3 to 6 weeks after your first dose

Spring 2021 is the best estimate of when vaccine will be available for the general public, but that may change. It depends on vaccine production and how quickly other vaccines become available.