OP-ED: Letter of Introduction: Asevedo seeks seat for Pinehurst City Council

Published 6:26 am Saturday, January 30, 2021

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Johnny Asevedo

I, Johnny Asevedo, am seeking Election for City Council of Pinehurst TX. I am a Husband, proud Father of three and Pastor of Destiny Church in Pinehurst. As a graduate of Orangefield ISD, student at Lamar Orange – I have established my life in this City and I am willing to operate with integrity, good faith, hard work and honesty to see Pinehurst grow for the better.

My Mission is to help restore and bring the positive increase and unity needed to our City- by not just talking about the problems, but putting action to the solutions. I long to see Pinehurst reach its full potential, by cultivating a town in which future generations will enjoy and be proud to call home. Make no mistake about it, the people of Pinehurst are my top priority. My plans revolve around the betterment of their lifestyle, by hearing their issues and working towards an immediate response.

Economic development is at the top of my list. As a successful entrepreneur, I understand the value that comes with bringing in profitable businesses to a city. I am looking to build and improve on the foundation already laid in Pinehurst by previous City officials. I understand the benefit of an active serving local government, to the people of a city. I BELIEVE I bring a refreshing take on Pinehurst’s needs, all the while having solutions to BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE that is desired. Win or lose, I will serve Pinehurst with everything that I have. People of Pinehurst, let me be your voice for action in the City. It’s my honor to ask you to Elect, Johnny Asevedo for City Council of Pinehurst TX.