LTTE: COVID-19 is serious

Published 6:11 am Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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I am contacting you about the lack of concern about the pandemic in our nation.  Texas is one of the worse states with an increase in cases and deaths.  When I go out in the community (Orange) to do only what I must do which is usually grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions at Walmart, what I see is appalling. No longer signs on doors of businesses to wear mask or face coverings.  Walmart is no longer requiring people to wear them however their employees do, that’s a plus.  Childs ACE Hardware no longer has signs requiring them either and their employees are not wearing them.  One of the employees told me that Brad Childs is leaving it up to each individual to wear or not.  That is like telling grade school children to decide if they want to go to school.  Not calling them children but it has been proven that people need direction in serious matters.  So many people think this is a big joke, that lives haven’t been lost and families affected.  Every restaurant I drive by the parking lots are packed and I don’t see people wearing mask or coverings as they go in.  There cannot be social distancing going on there.  Seems people think this thing is gone and over with.  In reality it is worse than it was in March.  Part of the reason is it’s no longer being taken seriously.  My family and myself wear mask out of concern not only for ourselves but for others, I just wish people would be as thoughtful.  We all need to care for one another and try to help the problem, not be part of the problem.   This is everyone’s problem not just a few.  Please care for your neighbor.  To many wives are without husbands and husbands without wives, parents without children or children without grandmother or grandfather, friends that are like family and workmates. This is REAL please treat it like it is.  It has been 9 months since this thing started or we were made aware of it, that is a short time out of our lives if we can help save lives.  It may go on for 9 more months but that is nothing compared to a lifetime.  A small inconvenience to save a life.

Jen Terp

Orange, Texas