Letters to the Editor: Coach did it for us, the team

Published 12:44 am Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Coach did it for us, the team

Coach Wayne is the best coach I could ever ask for. He puts a smile on our faces every game and every practice.  He is the kindest coach that has ever lived. Every mistake we make, Coach Wayne helps us instead of yelling or making us run for everything we do wrong. Everything he has done for us, we will love him forever and will never leave his team.

#27 Lexis Moss


Thank you for being my coach

Dear Mr Wayne,

I am so thankful to have you as my coach. I would never be at the skill level that I am now without you. You have been so patient, caring, and fun throughout all these years. I couldn’t imagine not having you there. I think it is awesome how much you care about the game that you fight all those umpires for us. My all-time favorite memory was when you told the umpire that you don’t play golf because you’re not good at it. So thank you so much for putting all your time and effort in this sport for us. I am beyond grateful for that.

Eden Frenzel #34


Truly a great coach

Coach Wayne had been my coach since I started playing softball at 6 years old. I can’t think of anyone else who I’d rather have coach me or our team. Coach Wayne treats everyone on the team like their one of his own. When we are down on ourselves for messing up or losing a game he is always there to make us feel better and tell us what we did right. He is very invested in our team. Do you want to know how I know he’s so invested? Cause he will argue with the umpires to get the right call for us. Sometimes he even gets thrown out of the game for saying to much! When the umpire makes a really bad call or Coach Wayne gets mad enough he will say “I don’t play golf cause I’m not good at it!” When he says this he is suggesting that the umpire shouldn’t be an ump cause their not good at it! Coach Wayne is truly a great coach! One of the things I love about him is that he is very patient with us no matter how long it takes us to get something down. Coach Wayne is more than a coach to me he is family!
Ava White