OP-ED: Talking about parenting: Appreciating the good moments more

Published 5:05 am Saturday, November 21, 2020

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Chris Kovatch

It seems that as of late a lot of bad things have been happening. I fully understand that’s how life is sometimes. I also know that the majority of the ‘bad things’ that I experience aren’t terrible in the grand scheme of things. I would refer to most of them as first world problems. I am not lacking what I need, but that doesn’t mean the things I experience are any less Impactful. That doesn’t change the fact that sometimes they seem to hit harder than most. However, it’s during these challenging times that when good things happen, we are able to appreciate them so much more.

About a year ago, our family underwent what I will call a ‘season of change’. We have always been active in church and we have been fortunate to be part of a number of great church families over the years. At the end of last year, we felt that God was calling us in a different direction. Not because of any sort of negative reason; just more like we were supposed to be somewhere else now.

We began attending Encounter Church in Orangefield. From the beginning, it was clear that we were where we were supposed to be. We are not ones to sit idly by, so we quickly began to see where we could serve. I began serving in Student Ministry. COVID threw us for a loop after only a handful of services and so we worked to keep the kids engaged over the summer remotely and eventually, this fall, we were able to meet again. It’s at this point we were introduced to the new full time Student Pastors for Orange. They are a newlywed couple by the name of Coby and Faith Roach.

In what had only been a short few months, I have gotten to know them very well. They are both so motivated and so very invested in the students. They possess a wisdom beyond their years that allows them to bond with the kids while also helping them navigate a life with Christ. It is genuinely refreshing to be able to work with a couple as focused and dedicated as they are.

It is amazing to see how participation has grown in the Wednesday night service that they lead. I am not only speaking of participation in the terms of the number of students, but more importantly participation in the sense of engagement in the service. Kids can be ridiculed by their peers for a number of reasons, yet the students worship with a sense of abandon. They don’t care what others think of them. They have a sense of relationship with Christ that I wish I had possessed at their age. Life can be tough, especially as a teen, and it is so reassuring to know that they have support to get through the rough times.

Getting kids excited about church is not an easy task to achieve, yet, I get to personally experience it happening every Wednesday night. It is a privilege to see this happen. This world is a tough and cruel place at times. Students need a place where are needed and known. That can make all the difference in their lives now and as they become adults.

Chris Kovatch is a resident of Orange County. You can reach him at news@orangeleader.com