Pinehurst sends a message to delinquent properties

Published 2:21 pm Friday, November 20, 2020

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By Dawn Burleigh

City of Pinehurst has tried to work with property owners at #6 Harding since Feb. 2014. Six years later, there is little if any improvements on the property.

Code Enforcement Harry Vine suggested to the city council to considering putting a lien on the property and then foreclose on the house for the lien.

“In 2017, the person maintaining the property stopped,” Vine said. “To this date, the city is owed $1,560 for maintaining the property.”

If the city foreclosed on the property, it would then have the title io the house and could resell it to recoup the cost.

“After paying back taxes, legal fees and the amount owed for maintaining it, would be approximately $6,500,” Vine said. “The property is worth $43,700 according to the Appraisal District. This could be a better return and send a message to other owners.”

Vine added the house could easily be flipped.

Alderman Dr. Michael Shahan made a motion, “This sends a message we are serious.”

A message in need of being sent according to City Administrator Jerry Hood.

Currently, the city of Pinehurst is maintaining 15 properties.