OP-ED: Story Over a Cup: A dogs life is for the birds

Published 6:16 am Friday, November 13, 2020

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Michael Cole
Story Over A Cup

Last week, I had to deal with squirrels and Roswell.

This week, another critter has broken the peace in Chey Cole.

It has been nice outside these past few days, so I have been more inclined to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. I open them enough so the wind will blow, but certain ones, I make sure the dogs cannot get out.

Well, there is one window that I do open all the way. Well, at least until today.

The window above the kitchen sink. It is too high for even the dogs to get out.

This day started like any other. Grabbed my coffee, went to the back.

A few minutes later I heard all three boys barking their heads off.

Since there were cars outside, I just assumed that it was the cars and traffic.

But after a while I noticed that even though Bernie and Bill had become quiet, Roswell had not.

Any of you that has seen Roswell, he looks the part of a hunting dog. Especially small things. We bought two remote control cars so far to keep him occupied, but he caught them and tore off the wheels. He has brought us a squirrel.

He chases the broom, the mop, and if we move furniture, the couch is pounced on.

When Roswell sees something to chase, he is obsessed.

Curious as to what he was obsessed with, I went to the living room too see what was the matter.

Bernie was on the couch.

Bill was on the chair.

Roswell was running in circles barking. Every few circuits he would run to the kitchen gate and start barking.

I didn’t see anything in the kitchen, so I turned to go back to my office.

It was then I felt tiny feet land on my head.

Apparently, a small bird had flown into the house. It was on my head.

And Roswell saw it.

Picture this my friends, 45 pounds of ADHD obsessed dog energy launching himself into the air trying to jump up over six feet to catch a small bird. Me trying to not get knocked over and spilling my coffee, all while a small bird is gripping my head with its talons.

I made my way into the kitchen followed by a jumping dog, with the other two trying to figure out what was going on. My hope was to get close enough to the window that the bird can fly out.

He saw the passage and flew into the closed window and landed in the sink. Stunned he started flying around erratically. Roswell started running around after him. His brothers were chasing him.

I was screaming at them to stop.

That was freaking out the bird. Which was exciting Roswell, the hunter, even more.

In turn, that meant that his brothers got more excited.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

It was then the wife got home, she opened the kitchen door.

The bird flew at her.

She screamed.

The bird flew past her

Roswell nearly knocked her over. The boys ran after him.

A few seconds later, I hear a thud. Roswell had run into the fence trying to catch the bird.,

I now know why screens are important on windows.

Luckily the only casualty was the cup coffee. We will be holding a service for it.

Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at www.storyoveracup.com