OP-ED: Positive Highlights: Are you Really Winning?

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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Mary Ekene

I want you to really ask yourself; when you are ugly to others, do you really think good will come back to you?  Please take two minutes to ask yourself this question.

Why do we continue to live in a society where negativity is praised so much?  When you put others down and go out of your way to demean someone’s character, you are the PROBLEM.

We live in such a society where hate is prevailed and instead of people taking positive actions to diminish the problem, we praise the hatred.  We go out of our way to co-sign with the drama and hate for other people.  There is no way you can preach about love and encouragement in one breath and in another breath, belittlement and mockery.

Are you really winning when you have destructive behavior such as this?  NO, YOU ARE NOT!  To put down others, make fun of people, discourage each other, demean one another, lie against one another, allow other people to co-sign with your negativity etc., you indeed are the problem.

We live again in a very prideful society, no one knows how to say apologies anymore and everyone thinks they know more than God.  It is sad and very disappointing, how does this generation supposed to look up to people who applaud negativity?

To change negative behaviors in our communities, it starts with US.  We have to be the ones to look in the mirror, self –evaluate our actions and hold ourselves accountable.

I am a firm believer, if you do not love yourself; there is no way you can show love to others.  If we want a better world for our children and their children to live in, WE MUST PRAISE LOVE AND STARVE HATE.  The time is now!

Mary Ekene/ Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Orange Alumnae), Activist for Bring Positivity Back, Founder of Livol Herbal Nutrition