LTTE: Re: Name Tag or Badge in a Polling Place

Published 6:04 am Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Wow! Imagine a “little” amusement during this serious and contentious season of election. I was extremely amused to read John Cash Smith, the OC Democrat Chairman’s letter to the editor addressing the topic of Section 61.010 of the Election Code on wearing a Name Tag or Badge in a Polling Place. I work on Election Day in an Orange polling location. In the mid-term election two years ago, Mr. Smith entered our polling location wearing his name tag that includes ‘democrat’ in the title on the pin. When he was told about the ‘crime” as he “now: correctly calls it, he argued with us and refused to remove it. He further mocked us by barely covering it with his hand. I am so pleased Mr. Smith has finally seen the light.

Lydia Donnel

Prec 27 Chair

Former OC Chair