OP-ED: Imagine the dinner conversation

Published 5:05 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Dawn Burleigh,
General Manager/Editor

Tucked in a small corner of the front page of the October 21, 1934 edition of The Orange Leader was a short article titles All in the Family.

The article:

AUGUSTUS, Kas. — Joe Switzer is getting no encouragement from his wife in his effort to keep the country safe for democracy at the coming election.

Switzer mand the city democratic headquarters. His wife is in charge of republican headquarters next door.

Today’s opinions flying from keyboards across the country have nothing on the potential conversations of this husband and wife team during the 1934 elections. Taking into consideration of the date, the couple most likely stayed married and lived a long and happy life together, as long as they did not discuss politics. More people today should be willing to accept the same.

In all the attempts to educate people on the upcoming election, Facebook has attempted to cover every single election across the country as when are the polls open, when is the last day to register to vote and yet, people are still stating, “There’s an election?”

Sometimes it may feel like a losing battle.

In the same edition of the paper mentioned earlier was another article, Most People On Relief Rolls Can Vote, Survey Shows.

WASHINGTON, (AP) — A poll of states showed today that officials in most cases deny any move to prevent persons on relief rolls from voting Nov. 6

So, every election has had it’s conspiracies to block the vote? Not surprised.

But this is now 2020, the year without end. The year of the pandemic, the toilet paper scare, the disappearance of Lysol wipes, and, of course, election corruption. Why? Because there is an election so someone somewhere is corrupting it so the losing side has a reason for losing.

Not belonging to a specific party, I am comfortable with stating I know my ‘party’ will not win.

However, the term false news needs to be reexamined. Anytime someone reads something they disagree with the exclamation of “False News!” soon follow.

Not agreeing with something does not constitute as false news. Using opinion articles as fact finding informative articles is also not wise.

Meantime, national news stations will continue to tell us who to vote for instead of allowing us to form our own opinions.

Do your research and decide who you think is the best person for the position before heading to the polls this election. You, the country and our community will be better for it.


Dawn Burleigh is general manager and editor of The Orange Leader. She can be reached at dawn.burleigh@orangeleader.com