LTTE: Evergreen Cemetery questions

Published 12:30 am Saturday, October 17, 2020

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To whom it may concern;

I ran across an article by Dawn Burleigh and Mike Louviere that was done on the Evergreen Cemetery in 2016 on google.  I am hoping someone can help me track down my infant brother and sister who were buried at Timberlane Memorial Park Orange Texas.  Now, on FindAGrave if you look up Timberlane Memorial Park Orange Texas there are 5 burials listed, my brother and sister included but the odd thing is that on the death certificates of the interred it says Timberlane Memorial Park up until 1954.  Then between 1954 and 1956 they started putting Evergreen Cemetery on the death certificates, but they are buried in what was Timberlane.  I am thinking somehow there was a merging of the cemeteries.

I read in the article there are paupers graves in an unknown to the public part of the cemetery and unmarked graves outside of the cemetery boundary.

My Mother had my brother and sister 8 months apart and they both died at birth.  My Father buried them in a cemetery in Orange County Texas in 1951.  He never told my Mother or anyone where he buried them and I am of the belief they are in unmarked graves.  I do have however their burial cards which says what funeral home, (Fuller Funeral Home which I have already contacted) and the name of the cemetery which is Timberlane Memorial Park.

Their names Are Clive Eric Massie Born and died April 7, 1951, and Sharon Kay Massie Born Dec 23 1951 Died Dec 30, 1951.  Services were at Old First Orange Baptist Church.

Please can you help me figure out if they are there at Evergreen?  Who would have the records of the burials?  I have been looking for my siblings for my Mother who has since passed for many years for her.  I would love to be able to finally put a headstone to mark where they are.



Janice Massie Ryan