Jasper-Newton Electric Cooperative offers safety precautions

Published 9:44 am Friday, October 9, 2020

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Jasper-Newton Electric Cooperative continues to evaluate Hurricane Delta and the latest weather updates from the National Weather Service for our area. Tropical storm-force winds are expected to arrive in the JNEC service area as early Friday morning and extend through Friday night. JNEC encourages our members to have a family emergency preparedness plan and supplies for any emergency that may arise from this potential weather event. JNEC continues to closely monitor Delta and is making necessary preparations to ensure power is restored to our members should outages occur.

If you plan to use a portable backup generator for temporary electric power, follow the manufacturer instructions to protect you and your family. DO NOT connect the generator to the house wiring unless you have had a qualified electrician hook up the standby electrical system, which includes the installation of a transfer switch to isolate the generator from the electric utility service. Without the transfer switch, the power from the generator could back feed through the transformer into the distribution system, high voltage that can easily kill a worker trying to restore the power down the line. In addition, when the power is restored, it may cause an electrical fire and/or destroy the generator.

Downed Power Lines
Assume that any downed power line is “live.” If power lines are lying on the ground or dangling near the ground, do not touch the lines. Notify your utility company or local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. Do not attempt to move or repair the power lines. If you can, stay nearby to warn others away from the downed line.

If you’re inside a car in contact with a downed line, stay put! You can safely use a cellular phone to call for help. Never drive across a downed power line.

If someone is electrocuted by contact with a downed line, don’t touch the person.

Call 911 for help immediately.