OC Environmental Health Department stresses food safety

Published 12:07 pm Friday, September 4, 2020

Orange County Environmental Health Department is reminding citizens to practice food safety during the recovery of Hurricane Laura and the continued COVID-19 pandemic. Food Safety should be a top priority for all retail food service establishments as well as local churches and non-profit groups that are preparing meals for all that have been affected.

Food Safety Tips from the Health Inspector:

– Wash your hands often and every time you:

  1. Go to the restroom
  2. Touch your face, hair or phone
  3. Take out the trash
  4. Put on or take off your gloves
  5. Eat, drink or use tobacco

– Hot foods should be held at 135 degree or higher

– Cold foods should be held at 41 degrees or below

– Reheat food to 165 degrees before serving

– Check food temperatures with a calibrated thermometer often

– Never keep food over seven (7) days once it has been thawed or opened

– Food preparation surfaces, cooking equipment and utensils must be cleaned with soapy water and sanitized with a solution of ΒΌ cup chlorine bleach per gallon of water

– Keep raw food separate from cooked foods

– Always wear clean gloves when working with cooked or raw foods

We have several resources on the Orange County Environmental Health and Code Compliance website at:


Remember when in doubt throw it out and keep hands clean!!!!!!!!!!

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