Mystery Seeds Arriving in Texas Mailboxes

Published 4:06 pm Thursday, July 30, 2020

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Texas residents are now among the masses that are receiving unsolicited seeds from China. These packages are marked as jewelry or other similar items that individuals have not ordered. Agriculture officials are now concerned with the influx of seeds because these seeds are unsolicited and that they may present an issue to individuals receiving these packages.
“The main concern now being faced is the magnitude of the number of seeds that have been shipped and delivered and how to dispose of them properly. With the sheer volume of seeds being shipped and no identification as to type of seeds in the packaging received, a lot of questions still loom as to what the reason for the shipments of seeds is.” According to David Oates, Jefferson County AgriLife Extension Service Agent for Horticulture.

Anytime that you receive unsolicited seeds or plant materials, it is best to dispose of them in a safe manner that will not present an issue later. Simply disposing of these seeds in everyday household trash may not be the safest method. These seeds may eventually find their way into landfills and potentially create issues later. It is also advised not to plant these seeds for any reason. This accidental planting could introduce unwanted species of plants that might be considered an invasive species in the United States. This could have drastic impacts on the agriculture industry negatively. If you receive these packages of unsolicited seeds, it is advised that you call the local agriculture officials to alert them of the packages that you receive. Be sure to keep the seeds in their original packaging as this may help to identify them later.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Jefferson County will be collecting these unwanted seeds for proper disposal. Residents may drop off these seeds at the Jefferson County Extension Office listed below. If residents have questions or concerns, they can contact the AgriLife Extension office for more information.