Letter to the Editor: A movement afoot by the Democratic party

Published 12:33 am Saturday, July 25, 2020

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As I write this, it appears there is a movement afoot by the Democratic party to overthrow our nation’s form of government and replace it with the flawed ideology of Communism.

Every election cycle, Democrats grow bolder and bolder with their efforts.

Congresswoman Alexander Occasio Cortez and her squad of crazies have become the face of the ‘Revolution’ as other rush to join her. Don’t you remember Maxine Waters screaming, ‘Impeach 45’ on the floor of the congress?

This was not some spur of the moment impulse on her part, she was merely the tip of the spear as the coup to overthrow President Trump began in earnest.

The Watergate scandal looks like a child’s game compared to what these people have attempted to do.

It’s my great hope that Prosecutor James Durham will bring all their corruption into the light so that even stupid people like Maxine Waters can understand it. I know you can’t fix stupid, but shining light into the darkness might help get rid of the cockroaches.

As a citizen, I resent the way Democrats build walls of protection around criminals while totally abandoning their duty to protest the citizens who elected them. These political hacks have become as lawless as the protesters.

At first, all the poor protesters claimed to want was a seat at the table so they could be heard, now they’re trying to steal the table and chairs. If you loot and plunder someone else’s property, doesn’t that by definition make you a thief? If so, then you’ve stopped being a protester, and morphed into something else more disturbing.

There’s nothing in the constitution that gives anyone the right to burn down cities, murder its policemen and kill our children in the name of some twisted, sick, form of social justice.

This movement has never been about justice for George Floyd, this is about the ‘Revolution.’

I say stop supporting these lawbreakers because they are worse than the Klan, and their cause is not just. How many innocent people have to die before Mr. Floyd’s death has been avenged.

Surely you’ve noticed that the common thread running throughout all the chaos is the fact that the cities and states currently on fire are run by Democrats. Are these the sort of people you want running the country? I certainly hope not.

By aligning themselves with the BLM, Antifa, and so many others, Democrats have sided with these unholy criminals over the life and property of its victims. How dark must a person’s soul be who attempts to justify the murder of innocent children on the altar of social justice?

These protesters are not soldiers in some glorious cause, they are criminals out for all they can get while the looting is good.

I believer Governor Kristy Noem of South Dakota had the right idea when she instructed her citizens to defend their property and lives by shooting anyone who tries to bring this load of crap to her state. Does that seem too harsh or unkind? Oh, Boo, Hoo!.

However, if you’re one of those who likes the smell of death, burning cars and buildings where you live and work, then keep voting for Democrats and they’ll keep bringing the boom to a neighborhood near you!


Arlon Davis

Orange, Texas