Op-Ed: Knocked off track

Published 6:51 am Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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J David Derosier

I haven’t published much in the way of opinions lately because all of the divisiveness that is going on has caused most of what I have written to become negative.

I do not like divisiveness because it builds hatred and tears people apart.

I do not like being negative, I strongly believe in being positive.

I do not like compromise, because by definition both sides must lose.

I strongly believe in seeking win-win situations, where all sides come out ahead.

A local woman that I know recently published a brief statement about her being black.

She said, “My BLACK is not threatening. My BLACK is not stupid. My BLACK is not violent. My BLACK is not mediocrity. My BLACK is not offensive. My BLACK is not timid. My BLACK is not inferior. My BLACK is not laziness. My BLACK is not loneliness. My BLACK is not mean. My BLACK is not dangerous. My BLACK is not a 9-5. My BLACK is not a color. My BLACK is not a project. My BLACK is not just a holiday. My BLACK is not my body parts.”

Mary Ekene, you are one strong woman. I love you and I love YOUR BLACK. And I strongly agree that you are simply and historically phenomenal!

Thank you for getting me back on track.

J David Derosier is a retired technology professional and worked for several years in a business that developed technology to prevent the use of cellular devices in restricted areas, without jamming.  Prior to that he worked with Fortune-500 companies in Information Security (InfoSec) with a global focus on National Security.  Today he consults with small business on planning and marketing issues, and provides web design and hosting services.  He can be reached at JDAVID@Strategy-Planning.info.