Peveto thrilled to see Lady Cards back in gym

Published 12:04 pm Thursday, June 11, 2020

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BRIDGE CITY – High school volleyball players have certainly been excited about being able to work out again as their season will start sooner than everyone else this fall, and so are the coaches, especially when you’re a veteran coach like Bridge City Lady Cardinal coach Becca Peveto.

It’s definitely been a change for sure for everyone during the coronavirus pandemic, and it definitely affects coaches as well, especially those that have been in their professions for a long time, like Peveto, who is in her 21st year in coach, 15 of them leading the Lady Cardinals.

“It’s been trying but everyone is dealing with the same thing and it has been frustrating because you just want to get out there and go to work and be with the kids because we have been all cooped up for so long,” said Peveto. “We have made all of the proper adjustments and it’s just been great to see all of the kids again. We’ve had a good turnout this week. Of course, we are working with time limits and trust me, it’s hard to run some of them out of the gym because they are having so much fun, just being out and being back with their friends and teammates.”

Bridge City ISD is doing an excellent job to keep the environment safe with plenty of precautions.

“They have one of those temperature fever devices at the fieldhouse that you walk through to gauge everyone’s temperature,” said Peveto. “We have a lot of Lysol and Germ-Ex here at the gym and we’re constantly making sure everything is sanitized. We want the kids to come out and work hard and enjoy everything but the key thing is keeping them safe.”

Peveto certainly missed the spring offseason with the players.

“It’s been so different because the spring allows the coaches to get a chance to look at what they have for the next season and we didn’t get that opportunity,” said Peveto. “So the time starts now to look at everyone and summer league play remains up in the air. I was able to communicate with some of my freshman players after coaching them in junior high track. For the most part, I feel most of them are in pretty good shape because I have been sending them workouts for them to do throughout all of this and most of them have done well.”

Bridge City ISD welcomes back students on Aug. 3, which is also the first day of official volleyball two-a-days practices.

“It’s going to be so wild, especially in that first week,” said Peveto. “Volleyball season starts so much sooner than other sports and it will be challenging for sure but I think the kids are going to be excited no matter what and everyone will get back into the swing of things by the end of that first week.”

With things still being so unpredictable with the virus, Peveto remains optimistic. She says she has to or it will drive her crazy if she isn’t.

“We just don’t know for certain about anything these days and that’s been kind of the deal with this whole coronavirus,” said Peveto. “I remain as positive as possible that we are going to have a season and we can get back to normal soon. It’s just been such a tough deal and I still get so emotional when I think about our spring athletes and all of our seniors. I tell the kids they just have to be optimistic and continue to work hard. Right now, it’s just been so awesome to see all of these bright and happy faces.”