Story Over a Cup: The day the music died

Published 12:32 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Michael Cole
Story Over A Cup

A long, long time ago, and I can still remember it well, my record player used to make me smile.

Yes, I have a record player. And it is not one of those new USB cord ones, it is one they built nearly 20 years ago. It has a CD player and a cassette deck.

If you do not know what a cassette deck is, go ask your parents.

I have dozens of records that I have bought from second-hand stores, online eBay sales, and even have from my childhood.

Before that, I had a record player that had an 8trac deck in it.

Go ask your parents.

Well, back to the day the music died.

I was spinning my Billy Joel and my Frank Sinatra when the sound just slowed down and then died.

Kids today will never understand the fun of playing an album on a slower or higher speed than required. Or that when a record player malfunctions or loses power, you hear the voice get lower in pitch and slower as it fades out.

I was bummed. I really did not want to replace my record player. It was one of those that had an antique look to it. The record player had sentimental value since my wife had bought it for me when we first moved into the house.

So, I figured the first thing I would do is check the rubber band or pulley.

This will surprise a great number of people, but a record player is basically a big wheel where the record sits moved by a pulley (usually a rubber band) moved by a smaller motor. When I was a kid, I was forever replacing them because I spun so many records.

Nope, that was good.

Maybe it was the needle?

So, I fiddled with it. But I got to thinking, a broken needle would not give me a power loss. So, I thought that the plug had come undone. It is a valid problem in my house. Roswell once attacked a cord because it moved when I jostled the lamp and made the cord move.

Nope, it is still plugged in. Well, maybe the outlet. I plugged a lamp into it. Nothing.

So, the music is dead because of a flipped breaker.

I checked it. No, it’s not

Faulty wiring?

I hope not, I fix some at home things, but that is over my pay grade.

I decided to tell my wife. She comes out to the living room and looks at me.

She then walks over to the light switch and flips it.

“And through it all, I did it myyyy wayyyy” Sinatra’s voice filled the room.

It seems that the music didn’t die. Bill has a chair he jumps into to look outside. He then will either just watch the world outside the window or sometimes bark at passersbys.

He must have jumped up and his paw hit the light. That or he is just not a fan of Sinatra.

Till later folks!


Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is doing it his way as he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at