Positive Highlights: Turning a bad situation into a positive new beginning

Published 12:30 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Mary Ekene

Ryan Tezeno is from Orange, Texas.  He graduated from West Orange Stark High school in 2012.  He had a dream to pursue in football when he graduated, but things did not work as planned.

It was not until October 28, 2018 when he was in a horrible motorcycle accident that made him realize life is very precious.  He spent 20 days hospitalized and had to relearn to walk.

“I was out of work for months and could not wait to get better to spend time with my family,”  Tezeno mentioned.  “I spent countless nights sitting in my recliner looking for opportunities and jobs to provide for my family.”

Tezeno received his license to carry in 2019 as a way to protect his family.  His intention was to only get his license as a way to protect his family every day. But this decision turned into an opportunity to become a Texas Handgun Instructor.

In January 2020, he also became a Range Safety Officer and created his business Elite Creations Firearm Academy.  Tezeno said he chose the name because he wanted to provide safety knowledge that will create one to be a SAFE handgun owner.

Ryan Tezeno has been in business for five months and incorporates his family in the family business as well.

“I realized life is short, I wanted to take every opportunity given to me to provide for my family and protect them,” Tezeno said. “This business has come to my family as a blessing.”

Elite Creations offers not only the License to Carry a Handgun, but also the Basics of Pistol Shooting, Self Defense, and also Private Sessions.  Elite Creations provides all the equipment you need to qualify carrying a handgun.  Our motto is: Be ready so you never have to get ready.

Ryan Tezeno the City of Orange is very proud of you and we appreciate you for keeping our citizens informed about gun safety and offering classes for License to Carry.  Keep up the great work.


Mary Ekene/Activist & Author of Bring Positivity Back/ Founder & Owner of Livol Herbal Nutrition/ Crazy Faith Ministries